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Okay, New Yorker lolis! This is what you've been waiting for—an honest-to-goodness meetup! While we won't have parlors done up in crosses and low lighting like luckier suburban lolis, we'll still have fine dining and excellent photo ops. If you can't make it this time, oshidori has planned another meetup on the 19th, though.

WHEN: Sunday, November 13th, @ 1pm. Please be on time, of course. :3

WHERE: Tomo, between 110th and 111th on Broadway. Take the 1 to Cathedral Parkway/110th, or take the C (B does not work on weekends, remember!) to Cathedral Parkway/110th and walk west from Central Park W over to Broadway, about four avenues.

DRESS CODE: Casual lolita is fine, but if you're coming in casual lolita please make it your best! No jeans or bandshirts, please. o_o

$$$: We'll be having the party rate at Tomo, which means everyone who plans on attending MUST BRING $15. This is important if you want to eat! :D The guesstimate was for 20 girls including slyther_inn and myself, so that means we can probably get in up to 22. Please RSVP in the comments below!

After Tomo, we're heading over an avenue to St. John's cathedral, which has big sprawling grounds, pretty peacocks, and even prettier places for us to pose. :D

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