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modpost check!

Hey guys! Your friendly absent mod here!

This community has been somewhat dead of late, so I've decided to re energize it. I'm back :D Tell your friends. After all, I know there are a lot more of us in the Big Apple.

So, to get the ball rolling, I'm sure most of you know that about a week ago and some change, there was the big Dir En Grey concert. How was it for most of you? I know I got smoshed against about a million people and stepped on repeatedly, but it was still insanely fun!

Share your experiences, and hopefully, pictures as well, since unfortunately, your poor mod has no camera, ;___;

As for events coming up, as most of you know, Tainted Reality is hosting the Blood concert soon, I believe the actual concert date is March 10th. Also, on May 17th,Candy Spooky Theatre is playing at the Knitting Factory! This year is an awesome year for jrock ;3

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