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★Visual NYC!★

For fans of Vkei and JFashion

Visual NYC!
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Visual NYC!

Welcome to Visual NYC, a place where lovers of Japanese street fashion and Visual Kei/Jrock can get together and make new friends. This community will be mainly geared towards people who live in New York City, but people from the surrounding areas (NYS/NJ/CT etc) are more than welcome as well!

What is Japanese street fashion, you may ask? It's a style of dress that ranges from Fruits style oshare to Elegant Gothic Lolita and everything in between. Examples of this can be found in popular Japanese magazines such as KERA, Gothic & Lolita Bibles, and Fruits.

Visual Kei usually goes hand in hand with this concept. Visual Kei or (V系)for short is a rock genre in the subculture of Japan. Examples of some artists are Merry, Doremidan, Gazette, Despairs Ray, and the ever popular Dir En Grey.

This is meant to be a friendly and fun place, so lets get you clear with the rules first and then you can get on with posting!

Please read these BEFORE posting! All of them, no skipping!

1. Sales and trades are allowed, but keep in mind this is not a selling journal. Also, when posting large images, please put them under a cut so you don't kill the computers of those who use dialup.

2. Rudeness will simply not be tolerated. As the old adage says, if you have nothing nice to say, then stfu.

3. Cursing is okay, but try not to talk like you just came out of the gutter, along with TyPinG LikE DizZ.

4. This is not a "fetish" journal. Therefore all posts regarding pr0n (unless they have something to do with the actual fashion, although what that could be, I have no idea), will be deleted.

5. While this is a community for Visual Kei, this is not a place to squee about how you're going to rape "Insert hot vkei artist here". Please, post with intelligence.

6. Posting scans and pictures of yourself are welcome, although always state where you are getting the photos from if you have taken them from a website.

7. Being as this is a NYC community, information about meetups in Chicago/California/wherever obviously are not allowed and will be deleted, however its okay if a fellow New Yorker went to "insert state/country here" and is posting picutures or telling about their experiences.

8. This is Not a place to advertise for other communities unless you have the moderators approval.

9. Also, introduction posts are fine, but make sure they have some substance in them, not just "hi i just joined, the end."

10. Posting of MP3's are perfectly fine, however remember that this is not a mp3 sharing community, so moderation is the word of the day :D