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"I keep telling people I'd make such a pretty boy"

NYC/ NJ Gothic Lolita/ DIY PUNK/ JROCK fashionistas UNITE!

Greetings everyone!

I am not necessarily a newbie to the Gothic lolita/ DIY punk scene, but I would love to get to know everyone.

I originally posted this on a myspace group, and I haven't really gotten any strong responses....please read on, and please, please feel free to contact me!

607 339 1655

My friends and I have finalized the date of our Gothic Lolita Romp and Tea Party.
If you haven't seen previous bulletins of this, please forgive me. The model we are seeking to imitate is that of the Harajuku, meet+greet. We simply want to take pictures, hang out, and share our passion/ interest in an atmosphere where we can openly visually shock individuals who are not acquainted with this particular fashion.

It will be this Saturday, the 22nd @ 1pm, Union Square Park Entrance (the entrance facing Virgin records and the beginning of Broadway) I have chosen this spot because it is easily accessible by various trains-4,5,6,L,N,R, etc. If you need help navigating yourself to this location, or, if you have no idea what the hell, or where the hell it is, please don't hesitate to contact me.(see contact info below)

As I've posted in my previous bulletin, www.lietv.com (at the Latest Issue East side) will be covering us. They plan to have a modeling/informational, and we'd love to have long time veterans and newbies (heh, I'm a noobie) of the gothic lolita/ DIY punk scene come join us, and share your knowledge of this awesome, awesome, spectacular fashion. We welcome everyone, this is not an exclusive event! BUT! The only requirement is that you must be in Gothic Lolita/ DIY punk attire. We are not restricting it to any brands (ie k-star, marjour) but if you've managed to make any, or find anything which closely resembles it, please, please, come join us!

I have not received any replies to this post, but if you would like to come share this awesome experience with us, you are most welcomed to join us! We welcome anyone who has fashioned to collect Gothic Lolita Items, and or DIY punk items.

Our meet up will simply be a nice get together and romp throughout these fine areas:

Union Square, 14th Street
Broadway (avenue hitting Chinatown)
St. Mark's Place
Chinatown (mayhaps)
and finally...
the Alice and Wonderland Statue of Central Park

We plan on having a tea party there...so the more merrier, the awesome! The basic idea is that we'll be walking from Union Square park, through the village, into Chinatown (oy, those 6 inch heels are going to be painful)

I am still open to any suggestions, so please, please, please let me know before this coming Wednesday. Please contact me at:


with your confirmation...I just need to have a good round-about number...

Thanks for reading this, and I'm really sorry if it has been annoying...

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