Mikau MIkau (blankoo) wrote in visualnyc,
Mikau MIkau

Selling Art

My friend is looking for somewhere to sell their art. If anyone is interested that would be great.

They draw mostly anime/manga based paintings, but can also draw really neat J-rock related paintings.

Here's a few examples of their work:

Here's a link to their DeviantArt:

I tried looking for communities that sell anime/j-rock art but I havn't really found any, since I'm so bad at looking for things. So if anyone knows any art selling communities we would apreciate that.

Information and prices are here: http://dixzallicx.sheezyart.com/

They are also willing to make BookMarks, Plushies, Keychains, etc.

If there are enough people interested we're going to make a community devoted to selling their stuff.

If anyone is interested, contact me and I'll let them know, or go on the sheezyart page and request there.

Their AIM: Dixzallicx
Their MSN: Dixzallicx@hotmail.com (They are mostly on MSN)

If you have problems contacting them;

My AIM: HeartlessChi
My MSN: Heartless91_gianna@hotmail.com

Thanks for reading~

(Sorry if this is not allowed! Delete it if it isn't!)
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